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Point of Sale (POS) Systems for Your Small Business

POS systems today include much more functionality than simply accepting payments. Your POS system should help you become more profitable and enhance your business. With Westmoreland Payment Services you can consider a machine with options such as staff management, marketing tools, task automation, customer data gathering, and loyalty programs to help manage and grow your business!

Things to Consider When Selecting the Right POS System for your Business

User Experience

Look for a machine that provides easy-to-use functionality. The easier and more user-friendly as system is, the easier you can train on the system.

Future Proof

Don’t let your business’s POS system become obsolete! Make sure your system has the ability to grow with our quickly changing future.


A POS system with detailed sales reporting and access to other analytical data will help create better efficiencies within your business.

Data Access

Our developer friendly team can work with your web team to set up a secure hosted payment page. Easy to use APIs, sandbox, and shopping cart plugins.

Data Security

Keeping your business’s and customer sensitive information safe and secure is of the greatest importance.

Hardware Options

With multiple hardware options, select a functional, durable, and stylish system that is the right fit for your business.

POS System Options


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